Delivering “invaluable advice”
For Studio Mondo

Who: Studio Mondo
Collaborators since: 2002
Project scope: Tax, accounting,
& business strategy


Studio Mondo is a visual content studio with a dizzying production schedule. It manages six photography shoots on average per day, and shoots over 270 days of the year for its largest client alone.

Established by photographer Grant Matthews in 2001, over the years Studio Mondo has grown to employ 20 full-time staff plus a network of up to 150 photographers, videographers, stylists and copywriters, with five studios across Sydney.

Alice Cook, General Manager and Senior Producer, joined the business in 2002. Within a year or two of being put in charge of finances, she realised she wanted to work with an accountant who understood the creative nature of Studio Mondo’s business, staff and clients.

Her research led her to Jacqui Crouch – Founder and Director of Generate – and they’ve been collaborating closely ever since.


Generate has an in-depth knowledge of creative businesses, which means they get the best results for Studio Mondo from a tax perspective, according to Alice.

“In the creative field, you deal with certain types of people and processes, so having someone who understands this – as opposed to just being focused on accounting procedures – is very helpful. Jacqui has always had a lot of knowledge around our clients, which lends itself to getting the best strategic advice possible,” she says.

To begin with, Generate provided Alice with basic accounting and bookkeeping services. But as Studio Mondo has grown, Generate’s role has also expanded from tax planning to business strategy.

“The team at Generate has an in-depth knowledge of our business and management team, and consult on all major projects or changes to the business. They are invaluable in providing advice, almost like a consultant panel for our business,” says Alice.

She continues to discuss the studio’s finances and goals with Jacqui regularly along with Ben Fletcher, Managing Director of Generate.

Studio Mondo is also working through its business strategy with David Sharpe, Director of Advisory & Consulting at Generate. “He has a sound, no-nonsense ability to cut through things,” says Alice.


“I couldn’t speak highly enough of Generate, and Jacqui in particular. We always have a laugh about it because I think a lot of people come away from their accountant feeling overwhelmed, or even a little depressed.

“But with Jacqui, I always come away feeling inspired and optimistic. I think it’s because she genuinely cares about the people in our business. I trust her implicitly as a sounding board,” says Alice. 

“Generate is not your usual accounting practice – it provides a different level of service and care.”

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