Inertia and the Art
of Business Modelling

Who: Inertia Group
Collaborators since: 2011
Project scope: Tax, Accounting
and Business Advisory

Project scope: Tax & Accounting

For the past five years, Ashley Sellers has been meeting with Jacqui Crouch, Generate’s Founder and Director, for strategic financial advice related to launching new divisions at independent music company Inertia Group.

The music industry has been radically transformed by digital technology, but Inertia Group has survived and flourished by expanding and rethinking its business model.

Founded in 2000, Inertia originally set out to represent international artists in Australia. Since then, it has evolved to include four companies employing around 36 people: music promoter Handsome Tours; music publishing arm GaGa Music; Fairgrounds Festival, which takes place annually in Berry; and Inertia Music, which includes artist management division IE:Inertia.


Generate provides Inertia Group with accounting and taxation services, strategic financial advice and new business modelling across each of its divisions and businesses.

“Jacqui has been an important partner for Inertia in the planning of our business model. She has helped to ensure that expanding our revenue streams can be done simply and effectively while achieving our future business growth ambitions,” says Ashley.


“Sometimes I won’t speak to Jacqui for months, but when I have something particular to look at then we’ll have lots of meetings, calls, planning, advice – both business and personal – and the odd very nice lunch too.

“Generate works well with the team at Inertia Group and also with our legal advisors. This built up partnership knowledge is gold when it comes to moving quickly on decisions and opportunities.”


Ashley says he enjoys working with Generate because of its expertise in the “business of entertainment”.

“When you don’t have to spend time and money explaining how the entertainment industry works, it’s time and money you can put into the creative side of the business,” he says.


Today, Inertia Group’s companies are performing well. “We continue to punch above our weight in Australia, which makes us really proud. When we see one of the artists that we’ve worked with crossover to more mainstream success it’s what makes us get up in the morning.”

As for the future, Ashley is confident Inertia Group will continue to grow by branching into other areas of the music and entertainment industry.

“The goal is to drive continued profitability across all our companies whilst maintaining the passion and culture that sets Inertia apart from the rest,” he says.

“The best advice I ever got in business is: ‘Get advice!’ With the day-to-day demands of running a business, you need external trusted advisers, especially when it comes to accounting and tax planning.”

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