Have you Googled yourself lately?

By August 10, 2017 September 7th, 2018 Sales & Marketing


If a tree falls in the forest but you can’t find anything about it via Google, did it really happen?

Chances are you have Googled a lot of things. You’ve searched for products, services, events and people – you’ve probably even Googled yourself (don’t worry, we all have). Before I went on a first date with my now husband, I searched for him online to see what I could find out! 

There are 2.3 million Google searches every minute of every day. It’s clear – people look to search engines to get educated for just about anything we do in life. Booking accommodation, buying new shoes, choosing a restaurant… you name it. And around 80-90% of all purchases are made after researching online.

Let’s consider why so many of us – and your potential customers – are researching products online before purchasing. It’s simple really. We want independent reviews to help us decide which product or service to choose.

The process of getting noticed

So how do you get journalists and reputable publications to take notice of what your business has to offer and ultimately deliver a dependable online search result? The answer is PR.

Helping your business stand out on Google isn’t all PR can do though. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here are just five of the benefits to be gained from PR: 

1. Build trust and credibility in your company  And when customers see that the press has chosen to cover your business over the competition, you’ll find those sales conversations become easier.

2. Improve your Google search and SEO  Dominate page one of Google and outshine your competition. Plus, when media outlets include a link to send their readers to your website they are creating backlinks for your site to further enhance your search result position.  

3. Generate leads  Get yourself in the media for the right reasons and the leads will come. It’s a combination of your improved SEO and the vote of confidence from a reputable source. 
4. Educate potential customers on what you do  Get your features and benefits out to a bigger audience, with the opportunity to really showcase your business. 
5. Strengthen your brand’s reputation  PR will make your brand more visible and help you stand out as a leader in your industry. 

It’s not super challenging but there is a right way and a wrong way to approach journalists and the media. Lucky for you there are some tried and true ways of getting this done.

You’ve got two main options. You could go with a traditional public relations firm – there are loads of great ones out there and the better ones tend to focus on a niche so you can be sure they know your industry and business inside and out. The second option is my personal favourite (yes, I’m biased), and that’s the DIY approach.

Why I reckon DIY PR is better PR

There is no one closer to the action or who better understands your business than you. Who better for journalists to hear from?
Here are three good reasons to DIY your PR:
  • It’s your story: Journalists would rather hear directly from you because it’s your story. Share the tales behind the business – where the idea was born, when you almost gave up…
  • Create connections: Rather than rely on a PR company connecting with the right media outlets, create relationships for yourself. Then when things grow and shift over time, you know who to share the news with.
  • Keep the budget in check: It’s a no brainer – if you DIY your PR, you’ll save money. And that’s money you can spend elsewhere for your business.
We’ve got an assessment tool over at our website that’ll tell you if DIY is the best approach for your business. Click here and let’s find out how PR-able your business is.
Here at Generate we’re able to help with a huge range of business problems, but we also understand how important it is to call on experts when it comes to things that are outside of our wheelhouse. Jocelyne and her team over at I Do My Own PR provide a fantastic resource and plenty of support when it comes to the DIY approach for small business owners wanting to tackle their own PR needs.

If you’ve got issues in your business you don’t seem to be able to get on top of, why not get in touch? Not only do we provide a full suite of bookkeeping and tax services here at Generate, but we’re also able to help with business coaching, strategy workshops, business plans and much more. You name the problem and I’m sure we can help.